The RPGs of 2024: Every RPG and their release dates

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Here we list the upcoming RPGs we expect to see in 2024. This listing will often be updated throughout the year.

Now - we know - defining what exactly is an 'RPG' is can?be a little tricky. While some of the games below may not best be labeled as an 'RPG', we wanted to include games that have?evident role-playing elements. We allow for a little bit of wiggle room.

Here are some house rules of the list:

  • Our list only includes games with confirmed English versions set to release in 2024. Games that do not have confirmed English localizations or have not yet been announced with 2024 release plans will not be included.
  • There are many RPGs currently in Early Access that may see their full release in 2024. We don't try to predict when games will leave Early Access, so they will not be included until a hard date is announced.

Feel free to let us know in the comments if you see any omissions or mistakes!

Last updated:?April 13, 2024.?

Might Release in 2024

January 2024 RPGs


February 2024 RPGs


March 2024 RPGs


April 2024 RPGs


May 2024 RPGs

June 2024 RPGs

July 2024 RPGs

August 2024 RPGs

October 2024 RPGs

Undated 2024 RPGs

These are games that have stated an intent to release at some point in 2024.

RPGs that might release in 2024

These are RPGs that have been formally announced, but do not have a clear 2024 release window.