Dragon's Dogma 2 Every Rose Has Its Thorn - How to romance Wilhelmina and complete her quest

One of the more hidden quests in Dragon's Dogma 2 involves Wilhelmina titled Every Rose Has Its Thorn. This page will describe how to access the quest as well as how to complete it.

First, you'll likely need to have completed both main quests?The Stolen Throne and?An Unsettling Encounter, which are tasks given by Brant in Vernworth. We accessed this quest well after entering the Battahl region of the map.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Raising Wilhelmina's Affinity

The reason this quest is somewhat hidden is that it requires raising the Arisen's affinity with Wilhelmina, the proprietress at The Myrmecoleon?bordelrie. You'll find her in her bedroom on the top floor. Go ahead and raise her affinity by giving her Bunches of Flowers - these are fairly common rewards for maxing out character affinities and can also be crafted by combining other flowers together. Note, it's best to give one bunch, wait a day (use a bench), and return, rather than gifting a several in a row.

Eventually, you'll get this unique line of dialogue from Wilhelmina, ending with a lamentful "Here I am...". When this happens, your affinity is high enough.

Now, what you need to do is wait a day, leave the city, and return. You want Wilhelmina to move from her bedroom to a patron room, in order to access her quest. In our testing it seemed like waiting on benches right outside the boldelrie wasn't sufficient enough, but as long as we took one step outside the city gates, if you return to Wilhelmina's room, you'll be told by an attendant that she is with a patron at the moment.

When Wilhelmina is with a patron, spy on her with the peep hole behind the portrait.

When told Wilhelmina is with a patron, go into her room and look for the small portrait painting, where you can spy in on her interaction. After this cutscene, you'll finally be officially given the quest?Every Rose Has Its Thorn.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Investigating Allard

This is a Timed Quest, as Wilhelmina will give you three days to investigate Allard before an assassination attempt. Here's what you need to do, as you follow the quest markers.

  1. Go to Sven's room in the castle, and he'll mention Ser Patrick, an opponent of Allard's.

  2. Go to Patrick's house, at night, and he'll tell you to look behind paintings in Allard's house while Patrick distracts Allard.

  3. Go to Allard's house. Note that you can bump into Allard on the way, and if you speak with him, you are given the option to expose Wilhelmina's plot.?DONT EXPOSE WILHELMINA?as it'll end the quest prematurely with a lesser reward. At Allard's House, look around at the paintings, and behind a small one, you'll find Murder Notes.

  4. At this point, go to Captain Brant, who is in is his usual spot at the Tavern. If you bring up the assassination plot and give him the notes, you are given two options. You should pick the second one - "I'll have any aid you can give."

Editor's Note: Apparently there is more evidence that can be found in the house opposite the Vernworth portcrystal, although I haven't seen this myself.

The choices you have with Brant are similar, but you want to pick "I'll have any aid you can give."

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Assassinating Allard

After this, return to Wilhemina and give her the Murder Notes, and proceed to assist her with the assassination. She'll change outfits, and soon ask you to restrain Allard in the other room. Do this with the right trigger button.

You'll get some surprising scenes here about Wilhelmina's backstory, but once they are completed, you'll have been noticed. Jump out the window, and you'll run into Brant. As long as you picked the correct choice earlier, he'll help you escape without getting caught. Make sure to follow Brant back to the Merchant Quarter. He'll be somewhat upset you went through with the assassination, but his assistance will make sure your name is unmarred by the event.

You're almost done now. All you need to do is return to Wilhelmina the next night for your reward, which is a Ring of Benevolence, 1200XP, 8500G, and some intimacy.

After completing this quest, you'll be able to give Hugo a job at The?Myrmecoleon for his quest Off The Pilfered Path.