Free 'Kingdoms' game mode update coming to Darkest Dungeon II later this year

Red Hook Studios has annoucned that Darkest Dungeon II will receive a new 'Kingdoms' campaign?game?mode in a free content update later this year.

Darkest Dungeon originally released as an early access title in October 2021, followed by a full PC release in May 2023 and the launch of 'The Binding Blade' DLC in December 2023.

A Kingdoms announcement trailer and description can be found below, via Red Hook Studios.

Red Hook Studios has announced that?Darkest?Dungeon?II?will? receive a major?new?campaign?game?mode, ‘Kingdoms’, as a free content update later this year. A teaser trailer was released to celebrate the update as part of the?Triple-i Initiative, a brand?new?video?game?showcase event. As part of a Steam Sale celebrating the Triple-i Initiative,?Darkest?Dungeon?II?will be available for 33% off and The Binding Blade DLC for 10% off.

This?new?game?mode?challenges players in a desperate race against the clock to find and defeat a monstrous threat before it overwhelms and destroys the Kingdom, which is made up of a network of safe haven Inns. The player journeys across these lands to gather resources and battle evil incursions. Acquired resources are used to upgrade heroes and also the Inns themselves, which can be improved via extensive upgrade trees. Players will embark on unique questlines and fight back against three?new?monster factions:?The Coven,?Beastmen?and?Crimson?Courtiers.?Kingdoms?can be played independently of the?game’s original “Confessions”?mode.

“Kingdoms?is an exciting project for us. If you look at our release history, no?game?or DLC has ever retread ground, and we’re proud to continue that tradition here. This?new?mode?will blend some of the permanence and roster management of the original?Darkest?Dungeon?with the traversal and combat of?Darkest?Dungeon?II. Best of all, this is a massive, FREE update to DDII, packing our flagship title with even more content and value for our players. At Red Hook, we evaluate projects based on their potential to elicit surprise, delight, and despair…?Kingdoms?hits all three. We can’t wait to share more with our community.”?-?Chris Bourassa, Co-Founder, Creative Director??

Aside from?Kingdoms,?Darkest?Dungeon?II?invites players to embark on a thrilling journey through?five?campaigns, known as “Confessions”, each featuring their own terrifying boss and pervasive mechanics. The?game?features?12?playable?heroes, with 2 additional heroes,?the?Duelist?and?the?Crusader, being available via the DLC?The Binding Blade. Other features include the extensive metagame progression hub?“The Altar of Hope”, over?70?Steam?and?EGS?achievements,?10 companion pets?with different run-defining properties and optional thematic difficulty modifiers in the form of the?Radiant?and?Infernal?Flame?equipable?items, for those who want less or more challenge.

The free?Kingdoms?update for?Darkest?Dungeon?II?is expected to arrive in late?2024?for PC on?Steam?and?Epic Games Store.